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Thursday, October 27, 2005

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Remoting and Networking
Ping in .NET 2003
Calling Remoting Objects- Basic Concepts
Creating a Simple Server/Client Application With Remoting - A Step-By-Step Tutorial
How To Get the Singleton Instance of a Remote Object in the Server and in the Client
Creating a Broadcast Events Server Using .NET Remoting
Recovering From Server/Clients Disconnections in Remoting
Maintaining a List of All Connected Clients

DataGrid and ADO.NET
Using JoinView to Show Queries From Multiple Tables
Setting the Row Height of the Grid to Fit the Contents
DataGrid With Columns of Any Control You Like
How-To Show Different Columns in the DataGrid of the same DataTable
How To Show Only a Subset of the Columns in the DataGrid
How-To Select a Row in the DataGrid When the Mouse is Over it
Calculate a Cell value in a DataGrid based on the rows above it
How to set the ForeColor of the text in a cell based on a condition
How to use DataGridColumnStyles programatically
Loading the Entire Database Into a DataSet, Including Relations (New)
Generating a DataSet From an Xml Schema in 2005 (New)

GUI Related Issues
Print Screen And Save It to File
Problems With NumericUpDown Control and Binding
Making RichTextBox Readonly (With Rtf)
How-to allow user to move a control on a form
How-To Allow the User to Resize Controls on a Form at Runtime
DegreesUpDown Control

Loading and Validating Xml Files
Xml Schema Reader Application

.NET Assemblies
Exploring .NET Assemblies
Multi-File Assemblies
Strong Named Assemblies
Placing Assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
Administrative Configuration of Applications
Loading a class dynamically (New)

Asynchronous Programming in .NET
Synchronizing Threads in .NET
MultiThreading Without The Thread Class
Passing Parameter to Thread
Creating a general delegate using Generics (New)

.NET Related Issues
Create a Script to Build .NET Projects
Importing C++ Unmanaged class into .NET 2003
How-to create a Main method in VB.NET
How-to prevent an Application from running more than once
ASP.NET don't work even though IIS is installed


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